ABC cancels “Roseanne” Over Racist Tweet

Roseanne cancelled

Roseanne - ABC
Roseanne - ABC

As you may have already heard, ABC has cancelled the #1 rated show, Roseanne, after she posted yet another one of her legendary wacked-out tweets.


Roseanne Barr has a history of sending out tweets that sometimes are deemed offensive, wacky and many times nonsensical. Well, she somehow managed to top herself with this tweet that takes a shot at former advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett.

Even stranger, in her wildly popular TV reboot, it is reported that Barr insisted on doing an episode where she (her character) mistakes her neighbors as Muslim terrorists and ultimately wins her respect. Which she did.

Then, she posts this crazy tweet this morning.


Are we the only ones that can hear John Goodman yelling from the couch in the living room, “Hey Roseanne – you been drinkin’ again?”

At any rate, Barr was quick to delete the tweet and apologize stating that it was a joke. But ABC wasn’t buying the ol’ “it was just a joke” defense. They have now cancelled her show altogether.

Barr also stated that she was leaving Twitter (psst…don’t bet on it.)

As we said, ABC was having none of that.

Twitter chimed in with their thoughts.

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