Alyssa Milano Branded Hypocrite For Bringing Armed Security To Anti-Gun Rally

Social Media Calls Out Alyssa Milano

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Today actress turned political activist, Alyssa Milano is widely being branded as a hypocrite after bringing armed security to an anti-gun rally where she was speaking, and then apparently lied about it.

Isn’t that kind of like speaking at a PETA rally and showing up with a cheeseburger in your mouth? But hey, don’t ask us. We’re just here to report what we see, feed the hogs and take out the trash.

Over the weekend the annual NRA convention took place in Dallas, Texas. Gun-control advocate and founder of NoRA (No NRA) appeared to speak and brought her own personal security. When questioned as to why she would bring armed security to an anti-gun rally, she initially (apparently) lied about it, stating that her security was unarmed.

That’s when Twitter took notice. Let’s just say that this was not a good weekend for Mrs. Milano.

Here we’ll take a look at what happened. Video is below – you can judge for yourself.

Via Daily Mail:

Alyssa Milano was confronted for allegedly having armed security in a verbal altercation which led to her being branded a ‘hypocrite.’

The 45-year-old actress was in attendance at her No Rifle Association (NoRA) protest four blocks from the NRA convention in Dallas on Saturday.

It was there where she was confronted by NRA member Will Haraway in a video posted by Red State blogger Ben Howe on Twitter.

The former Australian politician Howe shared the clip with the caption: ‘This is Will Haraway a CCW @nra member.

‘He asked @Alyssa_Milano’s security if he was armed (he was) and then asked Alyssa about it. Here’s what happened. (She comes to talk to him after this and I will post that longer video shortly).’

At the beginning of the clip Haraway could be seen talking to a security guard as he asked the man if he was armed.

The guard ultimately ignores him as he then asks Milano who is just a few feet away.

Oof! After much throwback from social media, Milano is now denying that was not her bodyguard.

Milano goes on to say that her husband is a gun owner and that she simply wants to see more common-sense gun laws.

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