AP: Woman Drove With Transit Sign Sticking Out Of Car

No more holiday cheer for you!


We know 2017 has almost to come to an end, but there’s always room for another wacky story that could probably qualify as one of the craziest stories of the year. Per AP and police, a woman drove with transit sign sticking out of her car.

The kicker? When they arrested her, she didn’t even know the sign was there.


Via AP:

SOUTH HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) — Police in New Jersey say a woman was drunk when she continued driving with a mass transit sign sticking out of the roof of her car.

The 52-year-old was pulled over Saturday on Route 46 in South Hackensack when police noticed something odd. Police say the woman had a New Jersey Transit sign protruding through the roof of her car.

Police say the woman didn’t even know the sign was there.

South Hackensack police say the sign got stuck in the vehicle when the driver was in Secaucus before she was pulled over.

The woman has been charged with driving while intoxicated and careless driving.

As always, social media chimed in:

Hopefully this woman doesn’t indulge in too much more holiday cheer this year. Sounds like she needs to take a break.

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