Blacklist Finale: The Truth About The Bones

Blacklist Season Finale

Blacklist - NBC
Blacklist - NBC

For fans of NBC’s The Blacklist tonight’s episode will be bittersweet. The final chapter to this season, Sutton Ross, will air tonight but also looks to be full of goodies and secrets will be revealed – finally! Finalmente! Enfin!

Yes, fans are definitely ready and have been chomping at the bit to find out about the anonymous skeleton that Red has held as a darkly guarded secret up until now.

While Red and Liz butt heads, fans will also find out the answer to the million dollar question: Whose bones are in the bag? First, let’s take a peek at the preview,  some commentary and then thoughts from fans on Twitter.

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Tonight’s season finale of The Blacklist (NBC, 8/7c) will pull a literal skeleton out of Raymond Reddington’s closet — or duffel bag, as it were — as viewers finally learn the identity of those pesky bones Red has been pursuing.

But if you’re an eagle-eyed Blacklist viewer, it’s possible you’ve already deciphered to whom those bones belong. After all, series creator Jon Bokenkamp says, the NBC drama has been dropping hints throughout Season 5 about the unlucky soul inside that bag.

“In a way, I sort of hope [viewers will see it coming.

All I know is that the clues are all there, so I think this is less of a twist and more of a well-earned truth.

– Jon Bokenkamp 

For longtime viewers of the show, Bokenkamp is confident tonight’s season ender will provide a major payoff — even if it does set up some big questions for the recently announced sixth season.

“The story of the bones will definitely come to a close and be resolved in this week’s episode. We’re going to give the audience a very big answer — the biggest we’ve given to date and a truth we’ve been working toward for five years,” he teases. “What exactly that means for Season 6 is yet to be seen, but I can assure you the events of our season finale will set the stage for a super compelling story moving forward.”

Read on for additional finale insights from Bokenkamp and Blacklist leading lady Megan Boone.

Meanwhile, fans are wasting no time weighing in and many have their own theories.

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