The Blacklist Returns

Blacklist is back - are you ready?

The Blacklist - Stock Photo
The Blacklist - Stock Photo


The Blacklist has “come a long way, baby” …and we can’t not wait until tonight to see how things progress in the lives of The Concierge of Crime, Sir/Agent Keen/Masha and the task force at the ‘Post Office!


Watching Reddington (played by James Spader) change from the early seasons’ man of confidence, immeasurable wealth and power to last season’s victim of Mr. Kaplan’s has been shocking. Being enthralled with the person we love to hate, who went from living in everyone’s else’s sumptuous homes to bunking on a ship in the crew’s quarters; the loss of his jet and control over others, and the kidnapping of the very person he has spent years trying to protect gives us chills and an addiction to binge watching.



Last season left so many loose ends – what is Tansi Farms and does the tree with the “K” on it stand for Liz’s (played by Megan Boone) mother’s name?  Whose bones are in the suitcase?  Was Tom the late nannie’s confidant?  Is Kate really dead? Will Red regain his position in the crime world and reclaim his moniker?

The top question in our mind is: Mr. Kaplan was #4 on the Blacklist.  Because Liz revealed her tendency to “think like a career criminal” comes naturally, like her father – Red, could she be at the beginning and end of Red’s Blacklist? It would certainly be the ultimate way for Red to take her away from a life mirroring his own; in his tangled mind “protecting her.”  Join me and share your thoughts, questions and observations!

Blacklist returns tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

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