The Blacklist

The Blacklist - NBC/Pinterest
The Blacklist - NBC/Pinterest

My head is still spinning from last week’s episode of the Blacklist. Gotta hand it to Red – that man is determined to change his situation with a smile on his face and a line of BS a mile long!
We wonder – will Red ever truly be back in the groove?

Do you think Agent Keen was helping Red because of their newly confirmed DNA connection, or was she just doing her job? One has to wonder if Red is grooming her for inclusion in his soon-to-be rebuilt empire.

Another good question is how long will the Aram and Samar twist last? It almost seems too perfect, too obvious, too easy. Time will tell.

The reunion between Liz and Tom getting back together is very interesting. It makes you wonder if you think he’ll continue to hide the bone filled suitcase from her?

Then there is this: could Agent Ressler get away with murder? We think he’ll be under the thumb of Prescott for quite some time. It will be interesting to see the different story lines that could develop from that situation.

Odd that not one single person from the post office shared any thoughts about the news about the Agent Keen/Red relationship. Maybe it just confirmed everyone’s suspisions?

So many questions and so little actual story-time.

Definitely many questions about the show at this point. Hopefully some will be answered tonight.

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