Cake Thief! Bear Gets Busted In Lake Tahoe Kitchen (Video)

two time criminal Bear returns to steal CAKE


Oh yes, more bears. It’s officially that time of year and boy have they been active and many have their own story to tell, including homeowners from South Lake Tahoe and HLN’S Ashleigh Banfield.

The homeowners caught the action on video – who had their home broken into by a bear for the second time. The first time he busted down the front door, and this time he came back for some cake.

Banfield shared this funny video and also recounted her own experiences with bears and her grandfather who scared off a bear with loud sounds and a shotgun.

Sounds like Grandpa is wise. In this story so is this big guy, who’s nearly 7 feet tall bear managed to get in to the California home twice.  He clearly loves he his cake… and more.

Let’s take a look.

And of course, social media responded. Here are a few thoughts from Facebook.

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