“Did you find all of my pot?”

Senior Stoner Loses His Weed


Ah yes, Florida man never lets us down.

This time a Fellsmere man, 64-year-old David Ellis, decided he was going to get rid of his ‘bad weed’ by starting a large bonfire on his property.

Needless to say this quickly caught the attention of neighbors and local police who say that Ellis tried to pass his fire off as a simple leaf and trash burning.

David Ellis Indian River County Sheriff's Office
David Ellis Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

“Upon reaching the fire pile, I could smell a strong odor of burnt cannabis and see remnants of small cannabis plants and leaves,” Deputy Luke Keppel states.

Ellis said he was just burning the leaves, which he described as “trash” and would go on to tell police that the quality didn’t meet his standards. If you want some leaves that are good quality then you may want to get a ohio cannabis card, you may be able to get one from your region if you are eligible, for medical purposes. Instead if Mr. Ellis decided to purchase his medicinal cannabis online he wouldn’t have had as much waste and he could have chosen the quality to meet his standards, there’s many sites you can use to purchase your cannabis, such as here where you can order weed online in Canada.

“It’s trash. You don’t smoke that,” Ellis said. “I’ve got like a quarter pound of it inside.”

Officer Kepple goes on, “Inside was a strong odor of raw cannabis and in plain view was a large aluminum tray with what appeared to be raw cannabis and paraphernalia items sitting between the kitchen and the living room.”

Apparently whatever he was smoking was some pretty good stuff. When Mr. Ellis and the deputy went back outside, despite his large bonfire that enveloped the entire neighborhood, the senior stoner asks Deputy Leppel, “Did you find all of my pot?”

Authorities state Keppel reports upon leaving the house they ended up with quite the find: 174 grams of raw cannabis and about 15.4 grams of THC in wax form. For whatever reason the senior was stacking up on cannabis, if it were a medical problem he was smoking it for he could use many other methods in the form of cannabis such as CBD oil, this is a much more reliable and safer way of relieving the pain. You can use it for aches and pains, anxiety, depression and much more, all of which you can purchase at yoursnutrition.com.

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