WATCH. The Walking Dead Meets Dirty John – Did You Know?

Dirty John Meets The Walking Dead

Bravo - Eric Bana and Connie Britton
Bravo - Eric Bana and Connie Britton

From his questionable wardrobe, webs of fantastical lies, to his downright obvious deception of everything imaginable, one would think that a savvy California businesswoman would have seen what was coming when she found her “soulmate,” John Meehan, on the internet.

But she didn’t. In fact, it ultimately ended in death – but not so fast.

While the story is highly popular among true crime fans (and has been for some time), the popular Bravo series tells the story of John Meehan (portrayed by Eric Bana) a handsome and romantic charmer who sweeps an interior designer Debra Newell, played by Connie Britton, behind Bravo’s ‘Dirty John’ is nothing to be overlooked.

Bravo - Eric Bana and Connie Britton
Bravo – Eric Bana and Connie Britton

Instead of a true love, Debra found an incredibly sinister fairy tale and so much more. Now where does The Walking Dead play in to this tragic saga? It may surprise you, and may have saved a life thanks to her heroic daughter.

First, a bit of backstory. There are all types of con men and women out there, but this particular tale has been gaining attention after the research of LA Times reporter Christopher Goffard. Goffard decided to throw on some elbow-grease and take a look into John Meehan, now notorious con-man, and see just what this man was up to. And it ain’t no fairy tail. Not by a long-shot.

Goffard was right to do so. He found his way into a truly strange and bizarre story of lies and abuse which produced the wildly popular podcast, “Dirty John,” which has been downloaded by over 15 million to date and has turned into a Bravo series that have captivated millions. The podcast itself became so popular, it found it’s way to the Today show where you’ll meet the women of this tragic story…and also see where The Walking Dead comes in to play (around the 9:18 mark.)

Let’s take a look.

Last Sunday’s premiere episode of the series series debuted at 10 PM ET/PT and, unsurprisingly drew an approximate total of 2.5 million total viewers.

Let’s take a look at tonight’s preview.

The show airs on Bravo on Sundays at 10/9c.
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