Director Of ‘Evil Genius’ Says “The case should not be closed.”

Evil Genius Trey Borzillieri Weighs In

Evil Genius - The Daily Beast
Evil Genius - The Daily Beast

As if this case couldn’t churn out any more twists or turns the director of Netflix’s popular hit, Evil Genius, tells TMZ that he feels the case should not be closed and still needs further investigation.

With this case, nothing would shock us at this point. One of the directors, Trey Borzillieri, states that he feels that further investigation needs to be done with respect to Floyd Stockton, the man who collared a pizza delivery man – Brian Wells – with a bomb and conspired with others to force him to rob a bank back in 2003 in Pennsylvania. Wells would ultimately perish, on live television, in one of the strangest bank robberies the US has seen to date.

More from TMZ:

Trey Borzillieri — one of the directors of Netflix’s hit documentary ‘Evil Genius’ — believes investigators need to take another look at the notorious case … because the show exposed some major lies.

If you aren’t familiar … ‘Evil Genius’ is about a diabolical bank heist in 2003 that goes awry and leads to the murder of Brian Wells. Despite convictions of a few criminals related to the crime, Trey thinks total justice has still not been served … specifically to Floyd Stockton.

Trey tells us Stockton’s immunity in the case was based on him telling the truth, but the director believes that’s not the case … so his immunity should be void and he shouldn’t get a pass for his involvement.

Borzillieri also believes the shocking twist at the end of the doc — a confession from former prostitute Jessica Hoopsick — is totally legit … and answers one of the main mysteries of ‘Evil Genius.’

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend this one. It’s a bizarre story that just gets stranger and stranger by the minute. Truly. Check out the trailer here.

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