That Moment You Realize The Neighbor Isn’t Who You Thought They Were

she did what?

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It’s always awkward when you realize your neighbor is a machete wielding freaking maniac – and a convicted murderer.

After media aired the video, these Missouri neighbors found out who they are really living next to. Needless to say, they were shocked.

After 54-year-old Missouri woman, Lizette Von Horstman, decided it was a good idea to threaten the local BP gas station near her home with a machete, she now is facing assault charges and her neighbors reacted as expected. Let’s take a look at the incident via CBS and then get some comments from social media.

Her neighbors note that there was something odd about her, playing blasting music at all hours and even once attempted to start a fight. Paulette Hudson states that she was clearly drinking and minced no words, “She had a very bad potty mouth and there’s children around here and I just asked her to leave.”

State records show that Von Horstman pleaded guilty to a 1992 murder in Florida where she served just 11 years and Lowell Correctional Center in Gainesville, FL.

Given this, let’s just say that it’s likely not a good idea to walk around your own neighborhood with a machete threatening your local gas station attendant.

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