Find Out What People Are Saying About Dirty John

Dirty John - What Are People Saying?

Dirty John - Bravo
Dirty John - Bravo

So what are people saying about Bravo’s new hit show, Dirty John?

Bravo’s new hit series Dirty John, based on a true story, is killin’ it with many viewers from all over the world.

Born out of the wildly popular true crime podcast, Dirty John, has been brought to television to the delight of many. In short, a California woman Debra Newell (played by Connie Britton) thought she found her fairy tail husband in John Meehan (portrayed by Eric Bana), but ended up finding the exact opposite.

Newell, an aging and very successful divorcee falls head over heels for her new man and marries Meehan in a whirlwind romance only to find out he is far from the man she thought he was – and that’s just for starters. For a full breakdown, read more here.

As we enter the third episode, the show’s ratings are through the roof and here’s what some on social media are saying (WARNING: spoiler alert!)

Right, Jeanne?

Despite all of the great feedback, some have a different take.

So what say you? 

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