Florida Woman Busted In 7-Eleven Nacho Cheese Attack

Florida Woman busted in nacho cheese attack

Stephanie Hicks
Stephanie Hicks

That moment when you feel the need to attack a 7-11 clerk with nacho cheese sauce. We’ve all been there, right? Or not. Florida woman strikes!

Via The Smoking Gun:

OCTOBER 16–A Florida woman is facing a battery charge after allegedly throwing a “cup full of hot nacho cheese” at a 7-Eleven worker with whom the accused had quarreled, police report.

When officers arrived at the Melbourne convenience store Thursday around 1 AM, they found store clerk Ann Marie Laflamme with “yellow nacho cheese on her hands, her foot, and on the floor behind the register.”

According to a Melbourne Police Department report, customer Stephanie Hicks, 31, threw the nacho cheese and a sandwich at Laflamme after a dispute over the hot cheese dispenser. Laflamme told cops that she had asked Hicks not to open the dispenser, a request that left Hicks irate and resulted in the patron calling the worker “several names.”

When Hicks sought to pay for her food, Laflamme refused her service. Hicks, cops allege, responded by striking Laflamme with the hot nacho cheese and the sandwich.

While waiting for police to respond to the 7-Eleven, Hicks told Laflamme, “The customer is always right.”

Hicks, who complained that the clerk “started to have an attitude with her,” was arrested for misdemeanor battery for “willfully and intentionally throwing hot cheese and a sandwich at Laflamme with the intent to cause her harm.” Seen above, Hicks was booked into the Brevard County jail, from which she was released after a day behind bars.

Oh how we love Florida.

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