Florida Woman Tells Cops Cocaine Must Have “Flew In Threw The Window”

Florida Woman Strikes Again!

Kennecia Posey, 26. (Fort Pierce Police Department)
Kennecia Posey, 26. (Fort Pierce Police Department)

FORT PIERCE – Fl Florida Woman strikes again!

This time it involves the case of Kennecia Posey, 26, who was pulled over by Fort Pierce police after they observed her swerving on March 21st.

Kennecia Posey-Twitter
Kennecia Posey-Twitter

After smelling marijuana coming from the car the police would go on to perform a search, finding both marijuana and cocaine inside Ms. Posey’s purse. Authorities state that she would admit to possessing marijuana but wanted nothing to do with that cocaine charge, telling them it simply must have blown in threw the window and into her purse.

Of course it did, who hasn’t had that happen to them?

Needless to say she was arrested and later sent off to the pokey, eventually being released on bond. One can only imagine the look on the judge’s face when she offers up her defense.

Of course, social media had some fun with the report. Let’s take a look at what some are saying on Twitter.

We’ll give Ms. Posey a “C” for creativity.

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