Good News For Longmire Fans?


Might this be some good news for Longmire Fans? While fans of the show are lamenting that the Netflix show will not be returning for another season, there just may be some good news out there for them. The modern-day wild west show lasted 6 seasons and is based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by Craig Johnson.

Initially the show appeared on A&E, then Netflix picked up the series which is now available for your binge-watching pleasure (yes, all seasons! woo hoo!)

However, sadly Netflix has advised that they won’t be churning out another season which has left fans very dismayed.

But is there some good news on the horizon in the form of the silver screen? There just may be.


Spoiler Alert: This article may contain spoilers for Longmire Season 6.

Longmire has finally ended its journey on Netflix and fans got the closure they need — Malachi dead and Walt (Robert Taylor) and Vic living together. Walt hangs up his badge with daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman) ready to take on the role of Sheriff of Wyoming. The county will always be a safe place when two great leaders — a Longmire and a Standing Bear — are taking over. Now that Season 6 is over, what’s next for fans of Longmire? Could it be possible that Season 7 will be in place?

One can’t deny that despite not getting a renewal for Season 6, Longmire maintains a loyal following. While there are fans screaming for another season or expressing their disappointment that they have just seen the last of the series, it is likely that Season 7 will never happen. It has been made clear that Season 6 was the final season; others hoped that another network will somehow give the series a new home. However, as explained by Carter Matt, it is highly unlikely since Netflix was already Longmire‘s second home after being dropped by A&E in the earlier seasons.

Still, there’s that big possibility that fans haven’t seen the last of the cast because of the Longmire movie talks that have been going around. Taylor was one who’s been generous in giving fans some updates. As previously reported, Taylor had done an interview in August in which he revealed that Longmire movies are being discussed.

Prior to the release of Longmire Season 6, Taylor once again did an interview via phone with TV Insider about the potential of Longmire movies. When asked about how he felt about Walt’s final journey on Netflix, the Australian actor admitted that the end has not really sunk in for him yet. Taylor also shared that he’ll be getting back to Santa Fe in March to “get the band back together.”

Longmire Season 6 could not be the end of it all after all. The cast has agreed that Walt’s story should continue. Longmire Season 7 may be out of the question, but there’s hope for more with the movies. Still, fans should wait for an official announcement regarding this matter.

For those who don’t want to miss Robert Taylor, the actor is set to appear in a movie with Jason Statham, titled The Meg. It’s a shark movie that will premiere on Aug. 10, 2018.

We will be keeping our fingers crossed, that’s for sure. In the meantime, fans are still expressing their sadness and thoughts on social media.

And another bit of good news for fans.

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  1. Please bring Longmire back. It is a great series with well developed characters and story lines. Not sure why the series ended when it was so well liked!!!

  2. Please continue this series. We love LONGMIRE and it will have a very long run if you will just give the show a chance. There are a lot of us who really connect with the characters and want more on all their lives. Please don’t leave us hanging without a more defined ending…Walt should get married to Vic and have at least three children… there goes another
    way to continue the show plus having Cady as sheriff and Vic working with her with Walt as an “advisor”! WOW the possibilities are ENDLESS! Please reconsider and understand how many common folk enjoy a true to life story WITHOUT the bad language and x-rated sex scenes. Longmire has been tastefully written and played and we want MORE!!! Family oriented programming for a CHANGE!

  3. Please continue this series. Writers need to continue the series. So much potential and a huge fan base, including me.

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