Guess Who’s Back? “The Sopranos” Prequel Confirmed As “The Many Saints of Newark”

Sopranos To Return As a Prequel

The Sopranos-HBO
The Sopranos-HBO

 “The Sopranos” is coming back, folks. Well, kind of. David Chase and Lawrence Konner have penned a new script for the hit show, which originally aired on HBO. This time around it will be a movie in the form of a prequel titled “The Many Saints of Newark.”

The production will focus on what led up to Tony’s upbringing as well as wars between mafias that were going on when our favorite crime boss himself, Tony Soprano (played by actor James Gandolfini), grew up in Newark in the 60’s.

James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini

Unfortunately Gandolfini will not be returning to play any role in the upcoming film as he passed away in 2013 while in Rome at 51 years old.

The film has been acquired by New Line, and it’s probably fair to say that many fans are looking forward to see the story surrounding the New Jersey family that we all came to know and love – and sometimes hate – until the series ended in 2006. How did Tony become the anxiety-ridden crime boss of New Jersey? Is his mother the tyrant he made her out to be way-back-when? What about his father?

These are all questions that we hope will be answered in the upcoming film as well as many others.

A snip from

The film is set during the 1960s riots in Newark, New Jersey and deals with the war between the African-American and Italian mafias. While story details are not confirmed, characters such as Tony’s father and mother are reportedly involved. Chase himself could very well end up in the director’s chair, although he’s only listed as a co-writer and producer and is said to be closely involved with the hiring process.

Rumor has it that Emmy Winner Alan Taylor will be directing. At this point there is no release date but we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, it goes without saying that fans are ready and waiting – in true Soprano form.

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