GUILTY: Author Blake Leibel Found Guilty of Grisly Of Murder Of Fiancee

Blake Leibel is found guilty of the extremely grisly slaying of fiancee

Blake Leibel and Iana Kasian

Author and property heir, Blake Leibel is found guilty of the extremely grisly murder of his fiancée that took place in 2016.

Leibel, 37, is the son of a California real estate tycoon is facing life in prison with no parole as a result of the murder of fiancée Iana Kasian. Leibel allegedly both scalped his future wife and drained her of blood before she eventually died. And that’s not the whole of it. Investigators found flesh, an ear and her scalp randomly thrown about the author’s bedroom as well as his apartment garbage bin.

The Los Angeles Department of the Medical Examiner ultimately ruled that the woman’s cause of death was exsanguination (the act of draining one full of blood.) Reports indicate that when officers found her she was naked,  mutilated, drained of blood – and covered with a red Mickey Mouse blanket.


As the old saying goes, truth can be stranger than fiction.

On top of this insane nightmare, Leibel’s Ukrainian fiancée had just given birth to their daughter just weeks before the murder that took place in their Hollywood apartment.

But wait – this story gets even crazier.

It certainly has also not gone unnoticed that Mr. Leibel assisted in authoring the graphic novel that holds eerily similar circumstances, Syndrome, back in 2010.

The book consists of a scientist who has goals of attempting to find a way to cure people of evil. In the novel an image displays a woman, lying naked on a bed with no head.

The novel begins with the foreword stating: ‘If you loved hurting things, what would you do?’ It ends with an image of a hand dripping blood, captioned: ‘In the end, we all become monsters’.

A snip from LA Times:

A Los Angeles jury on Wednesday convicted a graphic novelist of the 2016 torture murder of his fiancée — a grisly slaying that prosecutors say was patterned after a book he worked on years earlier.

Jurors deliberated less than four hours before convicting Blake Leibel, 37, the scion of a wealthy Canadian family, of first-degree murder, aggravated mayhem and torture in the slaying of Iana Kasian, 30, who had given birth to the couple’s daughter weeks before the slaying.

Before sheriff’s deputies arrested Leibel at the couple’s West Hollywood apartment in May 2016, prosecutors say he barricaded doorways with mattresses and locked himself in a bedroom with Kasian’s lifeless body.

During closing arguments at the murder trial, Deputy Dist. Atty. Beth Silverman told jurors that Leibel had used a sharp object — perhaps the green paring knife or bloodied razor found in the couple’s bathroom — as well as his bare hands to cut and rip pieces of her scalp.

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