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Psycho Santa
Psycho Santa

For those who will need some “me time” this Holiday season, Oxygen has you covered with Homicide for the Holidays. No matter if you’re staying home to avoid your drunk Uncle Phil who tells the same stories every year, or if you’re simply desperate to wind your evening down after a full day of your busybody Aunt Sally (who insists on telling you every detail of her life since last year), know that you’re not alone.

On November 25th, the network will air the second season of the show.

If you think your Holiday season is stressful and busy, it’s likely not as as bad as the five families featured this year.

Take a look for yourself below. Note that the show’s schedule is as follows.

Here is the full schedule from Oxygen.


Episode 201

Airs Saturday, November 25 at 6pm ET/PT

Earl and Terry Robertson are found brutally murdered in their home just before Thanksgiving. Is this a holiday robbery gone terribly wrong? Or has the horrific crime been committed by someone the couple knew, and trusted?

Episode 202

Airs Saturday, December 2 at 6pm ET/PT

As the holidays begin, fire fighters respond to a house fire and make a gruesome discovery. Three people have been shot dead inside. A nationwide manhunt takes authorities through Christmas, as they pursue the heavily armed murderer.
Episode 203

Airs Saturday, December 9 at 6pm ET/PT

On Christmas Eve in a quiet town, elderly couple Bob and Idella Young are brutally slain at home. A bloody glove found at the crime scene has the killer’s DNA, but no one matches the sample. How do detectives solve this mystery?

Episode 204

Airs Saturday, December 16 at 6pm ET/PT

New Year’s in a tiny town, Joanna and Carl Dutcher ring in the year with their grandson. Days later, they are found violently killed. The hunt for the killer leads police to a sinister group that threatens the entire community.

Episode 205

Airs Saturday, December 23 at 6pm ET/PT

Two days after Christmas a mass shooting terrorizes a small town. After killing two people and wounding many more the gunman is taken into custody. When police search for answers they uncover the worst family massacre in US history.

“Homicide for the Holidays” is produced by Jarrett Creative with Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna Jarrett as Executive Producers. Bob Gillan and Steve Bruno also serve as Executive Producers for Emerge Pictures. Kathi Watson is Co-Executive Producer.

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