Investigation Discovery – Homicide Hunter

Homicide Hunter on Investigation Discovery

Joe Kenda - Investigation Discovery
Joe Kenda - Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery’s hit series, Homicide Hunter, is a fan favorite of ID fans.

The unscripted series features Colorado Springs’ retired detective, Lieutenant Joe Kenda, who takes us through some of his most memorable cases each week. With nearly 400 murder investigations under his belt, Kenda recalls each case off the cuff from memory, script-free, and never disappoints. His unique storytelling style is most definitely one of the key elements to the show’s success. Mr. Kenda tells it like it is and doesn’t hesitate to get raw.

Homicide Hunter debuted in 2011 and will be wrapping up this year, so catch it while you can.

Homicide Hunter airs Wednesdays 9/8 C on Investigation Discovery.

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