ID Network: Homicide Hunter Returns

Uncle Joe Kenda is back!

Joe Kenda - ID Network
Joe Kenda - ID Network

Well my, my, my…As we’ve told you previously, ID Network’s wildly popular Homicide Hunter would be back and it certainly is – with a bang. Season 8 debuts tonight at 10 pm ET/PT.

So what are fans saying? Well, they’re just a tad excited to see both Uncle Joe back in their living rooms this season as well as Carl Marino (who plays the younger version of Mr. Kenda.)

Part of the popularity of the show can be contributed to the format (brought to us by Jupiter Entertainment) and featured cases, but also to the very character of Lt. Joe Kenda, veteran of Colorado Springs PD. He tells a story and he does it well. In short, he tells it like it is and makes no bones about it. And? The fans love it.

Carl Marino - ID Network
Carl Marino – ID Network

Lt. Kenda runs on an unscripted narrative recalling cases that he worked over the years. The cases are then reenacted with actor and former deputy sheriff Carl Marino who portrays Mr. Kenda. Like many true crime shows it features first-hand accounts by law enforcement, family, friends as well as actual witnesses to the crimes.

Homicide Hunter debuted on October 25, 2011 and has been gaining faithful fans ever since. Since then, the show has built a solid foundation of fans and we can’t blame them.


Let’s take a look at what fans are saying.

Have fun fans! We’ll see you on Wednesdays!

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