Jason Bateman Gives A Glimpse of ‘Ozark’ Season 2

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As we reported earlier, Netflix will be bringing Ozark back for a second round this August and fans couldn’t be happier.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney make a great duo in the series and another season of it has been highly anticipated.

In addition to his lead role in the show, Bateman is also the show’s executive producer and director. After directing 4 episodes in the first season, he has also directed and acted in two episodes of the upcoming season.

For those not familiar with the show, Ozark, stars both Laura Linney and Jason Bateman who’s forced to upend their family from Chicago and quickly seek refuge Missouri Ozarks from a Mexican drug lord.

Bateman’s role (Marty Byrde ) plays a financial planner that finds himself in a tad of trouble over a money laundering scheme, and fleeing to Missouri seemed to be the answer. However, it only opens up a new set of problems for the Byrd family.

Wendy (Laura Linney) does an excellent job starring Marty’s wife who reluctantly does her best to adjust to their new small-town life, especially when they quickly run into a local crime family who doesn’t like their territory being invaded.

Fan favorite is Ruthie Langmore (Julia Garner) – the badass and brains of the Ozark crime family, the Langmores, who takes no crap from anyone and is excellent at stirring up trouble and she’ll be returning to Season 2 as well.

More from IndieWire:

Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), whose father Cade Langmore (Trevor Long) will be back in the picture. Not only will he [sic] displeased that his brothers, Ruth’s uncles, died in a freak electrocution “accident,” but Marty’s presence as Ruth’s surrogate father and mentor will also be a potential problem.

“What complicates things a little bit is that her dad comes back,” said Bateman. “So there is a paternal dynamic here that gets complicated when he comes out of jail and he doesn’t like me as much as she does. The question is: Will he grow to [sic]? Where’s her allegiance going to be?”

Garner added, “She’s having a little bit of an identity crisis in Season 2. Let’s put it that way.”

Netflix recently released this teaser for Season 2 which is set to hit our screens on August 31st. Let’s take a look.

Fans are ready.

The Ozark series was created by St. Louis native Bill Dubuque, known as screenwriter for such films as The Accountant as well as The Headhunter’s Calling. According to Dubuqe the series is based on and inspired by his work as a dock hand at the Ozark Alhonna Resort and Marina in the 1980’s.

Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix. Click here for more of What’s On.

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