A&E: “Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography” Airs, Social Media LOUDLY Responds

Mary Kay Letourneau - Source: Biography/A&E
Mary Kay Letourneau - Source: Biography/A&E

A&E’s “Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography” airs tonight at 8/7PM CST and some on social media have strong feelings about the show – with good reason.

First, a snip from toofab:

After a child rape scandal, incarceration and a near-divorce, Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Faulaau are still going strong, 22 years after the then 34-year-old teacher started up a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student.

The relationship became a tabloid fixture of the late ’90s, as the teacher became pregnant with the teen’s children while her trial was still happening. She served seven and a half years in prison for their lurid affair — but the two remained together after she got out. Speaking out in a new “Autobiography” for A&E, Letourneau gets emotional as she reflects on media coverage at the time.”

Before we get to response from social media, let’s take a peek at the A&E preview via toofab.

Even after all of these years Letourneau still conjures up emotion and likely always will.

This morning social media weighed in on Twitter, no holds barred.

For those who choose not to watch, many will likely be watching Part 2 of the wildly popular Dead North on Investigation Discovery that explores a twisted and bizarre case involving what may be one of strangest cases we’ve seen in awhile.

Dead North is a whopper and has it all: sex, murder, cannibalism and politics.  You can watch the trailer here. If you missed the premiere last night you can catch Part 1 starting at 6pm CST on Investigation Discovery.

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