NETFLIX: Jeffrey Epstein – Filthy Rich Trailer

Jeffrey Epstein - Filthy Rich Trailer

Jeffrey Epstein - Netflix
Jeffrey Epstein - Netflix

Jeffrey Epstein was beyond wealthy, lived like a king, partied with international elites and underage girls for years – and then ultimately ended up dead in a New York jail cell.

They say it was suicide…or was it? Netflix’s new four-part series just may glean some new information seemingly on the elusive financial mogul.

The Epstein scandal not only appealed to true crime fans, but the average citizen as well, making him a household name. The disgraced ultra-wealthy financier was exposed for his pedophilia and worldwide alleged sex trafficking. After all, he had more money that he knew what to do with and rubbed elbows with politicians, royalty and global elites on a regular basis. And we know he wasn’t alone.

Then there are some things that broke that are not just criminal, but flat-out weird. What was he doing with a bizarre painting of his buddy Bill Clinton hanging in one of his homes? And that’s just the beginning. If you’re political, no worries – there are several images of Epstein hobnobbing with politicians of all stripes. Epstein was apparently an equal opportunity predator.

Clinton-Epstein Painting
Clinton-Epstein Painting Petrina Ryan-Kleid

When his empire fell down in the snap of a finger  in 2019, he was the center of the media storm which no person could avoid.

This is one that we are particularly looking forward to. One of the executive producers is, among others, Joe Berlinger, who is well known for his projects such as the Paradise Lost/The West Memphis Three, Brother’s Keeper and other great films that are under his belt. Netflix is set to release Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on May 27.

More from Deadline:

Netflix has released the official trailer for Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, the four-part docuseries directed by Lisa Bryant that chronicles the case of the now-deceased disgraced financier who was accused of abusing women and underage girls for decades.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on sex trafficking charges and found dead in his jail cell just weeks later while awaiting trial.

The docuseries focuses on firsthand accounts by Epstein’s accusers, who have been urging the prosecution of those who might have aided Epstein in his crimes. “He’s dead but did not act alone, none of them have been held accountable,” says one accuser in the trailer. “The monsters are still out there. You took our freedom, now we’re going to take yours.”

The docuseries looks at Epstein’s humble beginnings, to his rise to the top of the financial world, as he gained tremendous wealth and power while running an international sex trafficking ring.

Peter Landesman penned the docuseries. Joe Berlinger, Lisa Bryant, Jon Doran, Jon Kamen, Bill McClane, James Patterson, Peter Landesman, Bill Robinson, Leopoldo Gout serve as executive producers.

The trailer above dropped today, and naturally some on social media are weighing in.


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