Netflix: Ozark Returns And Trouble’s On The Horizon

Ozark - Season 2 with trailer

Netflix: Ozark
Netflix: Ozark

Okay Ozark fans, as we told you previously Season Two of Ozark drops on 8.31.18 and it’s looking like some storms are a-brewin. Jason Bateman’s new hit Netflix series featuring both himself and Laura Linney has fans waiting with baited breath for tomorrow’s release.

Yes, everyone’s favorite money launderer is back, but not without trouble and fans are definitely ready – even across the pond.

For those not familiar with the show, Ozark, stars both Laura Linney and Jason Bateman who’s forced to upend their family from Chicago and quickly seek refuge in the Missouri Ozarks from a Mexican drug lord.

Bateman’s role (Marty Byrde) plays a brilliant financial planner that finds himself in a tad of trouble over a money laundering scheme, and fleeing to Missouri seemed to be the answer. However, it only opens up a new set of problems for the his family. After all, you can’t run from the FBI and outsmart the local rednecks – or can you?

As if the Byrde brood need any new problems, now they can add working with local crime bosses, the Snell family, which will now include Ruthie’s father Cade Snell (who was just released from prison) to their laundry list. Oh yes, they have their work cut out for them – and then some. But let’s not forget there is also that oh-so-small problem with the FBI.

Here, some of the cast sits down with Vanity Fair for a quick behind-the-scenes chat.

So what are fans saying in anticipation of tomorrow’s release?




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