Netflix To Reboot Unsolved Mysteries

Stranger Things EP To Reboot Unsolved Mysteries on netflix

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Unsolved Mysteries

As most of us have heard by now Netflix is set to reboot one of our old favorite gems, Unsolved Mysteries.

Yes THAT Unsolved Mysteries. The one that we used to wait for at night and couldn’t get enough of the reruns no matter how many times we ran across them.

Hosted Robert Stack (yas, yass that voice and that theme music!) the series actually ran for just over 500 episodes from 1987 through 2010. The series was then briefly picked up by Lifetime and Spike which was hosted by Dennis Farina as Mr. Stack had unfortunately passed away in 2003.

However to the delight of fans everywhere Netflix has acquired the reboot which will be done in part by executive producer, Shawn Levy, of another one of our favorites, Stranger Things. He and and his company – 21 Laps Entertainment – will oversee the project.

For those who are worried that the reboot may not do justice to the original, it’s a legitimate concern. Keeping in line with the original, the reboot will give us a mix of the original format that covers a mix of cold cases, missing persons and lost loves. Reportedly the new show will also touch on paranormal events just as the original did.

The show will air in 12 parts in documentary format, with each segment featuring one case.

Needless to say, the internet is abuzz with the news and everyone seems excited – really excited.

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