Netflix To Switch Marketing Techniques, What This Means For True Crime Fans

Netflix To Change Marketing Strategy


What good true crime fan doesn’t love their Netflix?

Outside of a few naysayers, no matter who you are, if you have the streaming video service then you well know you that you always have a date on whatever given night that you choose. Don’t F**k With Cats, Inside The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, Making A Murderer…yes, they are always waiting for us when we get home from work or on a lazy Sunday. As is Evil Genius & a slew of other true crime shows.

And where do we know what to pick and choose? The marketing, of course.

Word of mouth at work or on social media always helps, but it always begins with marketing. Millions and millions of dollars spent on marketing are spent on all genres and all networks of course, so heads up true crime fans – you may want to keep a close eye on your Netflix filters.

Netflix is set to host a round of layoffs this week to promote the network itself instead of individual shows.

A snip from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Sources say at least 15 people are expected to exit this week as the company moves to better advertise the service rather than its individual shows.

Netflix is overhauling its marketing strategy and laying off some employees in the process.


Sources say the streaming video giant, which has emphasized marketing individual shows and movies in recent years, will work to better sell the service as a whole. Though specifics about the strategy are being worked out, an ad campaign built around a big premiere film like Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box or an Emmy-winning series like The Crown might be coupled with a general pitch for Netflix as the home for thousands of premium movies and awards-caliber shows.

Hollywood stars and creators, which have flocked to Netflix in recent years, may be concerned by this shift in strategy, and that by amplifying its brand advertising, Netflix might promote the work of its A-list talent less. Creatives have lamented getting lost in Netflix’s glut of content, though few in business with the streamer talk about it publicly.

But others dispute that the platform’s desire to market the service as a whole necessarily means less project-specific marketing — rather that there will simply be more of a focus on making sure the those titles reflect and clearly tie into the larger Netflix brand. Netflix declined to comment…”

While true crime is still in it’s heyday, this is a heads up to true crime fans to keep your eyes peeled for those gritty documentaries you like to curl up to on a Friday night, because you just may not have the convenience of watching what’s trending on Twitter to deliver what exactly what you’re looking for after a long day at work.

So keep your eyes open TC fans – you’ve been warned!

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