Notorious Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Family Sues Feds

Feds Feel the Heat

Whitey Bulger - Boston PD
Whitey Bulger - Boston PD

Infamous gangster Whitey Bulger was murdered in prison last year by fellow inmates and his family is pointing the finger directly at the Feds.

Via TMZ:

Whitey Bulger was intentionally put in harm’s way by the federal government which wanted him dead … that’s the claim the late mobster’s family is now making.

The notorious mobster was transferred to one of the most violent prisons in America last October and placed in general population, where he was beaten with a lock in a sock, and one or more inmates tried to gouge his eyes out with a shiv and also tried to cut off his tongue.

The family’s lawyer, Hank Brennan, says they plan on filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the U.S. Justice Dept., claiming “We believe that James Bulger was deliberately placed in harm’s way.”

Brennan went on … “There is simply no other explanation for the transfer of someone in his condition and inmate status to be placed in the general population of one of the country’s most violent federal penitentiaries.”

Bulger was 89 years old when he was murdered and was allegedly behind at least 11 murders of his own.

The mobster was convicted in 2013 of a slew of crimes and was in the middle of a suspicious transfer when he was killed. He had been serving his life sentence in a FL penitentiary before being transferred.

Bulger was at that facility for less than 12 hours before he was killed.

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