Report: Olivia Newton-John’s Ex Possibly Found Alive In Mexico After Suddenly Vanishing Back In 2005

Is he still alive?

Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John

This was definitely a strange case, indeed. Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, mysteriously vanished about 12 years ago while allegedly on a fishing trip. He was thought to be lost at sea. Now it is being reported that he has been spotted alive in Mexico. Several theories surrounded the bizarre circumstances of his disappearance at the time and still do.

Take a look per Fox News:

Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend, who vanished 12 years ago during a fishing trip, was reportedly spotted alive in Mexico.

Patrick McDermott, a cameraman from the U.S., vanished after a fishing trip on June 30, 2005. The Coast Guard concluded in 2008 that McDermott “most likely drowned,” the New York Daily News reported.

However, Dateline and America’s Most Wanted believed McDermott disappeared to avoid paying money he owed, including thousands in child support, Action News Jax reported.

New Idea reported a picture of a man at a Mexican campsite appeared to be McDermott.

“The widow’s peak is exact. The eyes are very similar and the ears extend down on the head in the same distance. I believe it’s him,” Charlie Parker, a private investigator, told New Idea.

This was not the first time McDermott has been spotted. In 2010, investigators reportedly discovered McDermott near Puerta Vallarta, the Daily News reported.

Olivia Newton-John and Patrick McDermott
Olivia Newton-John and Patrick McDermott

Newton-John told Australia’s “60 Minutes” last year McDermott’s disappearance was difficult, Action News Jax reported.

“It was very hard; he was lost at sea, and nobody really knows what happened,” she said.

“It’s human to wonder. But you know, those are the things in life you have to accept and let go. Because whenever you go through difficult times, there’s always those concerns,” she said.

“But I live on. And of course questions come up, always; it’s human,” the “Grease” star concluded.

Newton-John and McDermott were an on-and-off couple for about nine years. The Australian actress married her second husband, John Easterling, in 2008.

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