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Sandra Bullock - Netflix
Sandra Bullock - Netflix

Susan Black reviews the latest Netflix craze, ‘Bird Box.’

I was not thrilled to be watching Bird Box. Contrary to the hype on Facebook, seeing the headline that over 45 million Netflix subscribers had watched Bird Box within the first 7 days of its release and my friends urging me to watch this movie, I thought it would be dark and filled with sadness.

The movie starts with a flashback then moves forward which was a little confusing at first. However, I was hooked within 10 minutes and my heart was beating out of my chest. And, I could totally identify with the scene at Malorie’s (Sandra Bullock) apartment with her sister Jessica (Sarah Paulson @MsSarahPaulson) as I have siblings myself.

Seeing mobs of people doing all manner of crazy things in the street was freaky enough. But, when I saw an empty baby stroller rushing through an intersection and none of the adults were paying attention, my adrenaline was on high alert. At that point I could not stop watching.

Being a lover of architecture and real estate, I immediately loved the house located at 304 N. Canyon Boulevard in Monrovia, CA, that Malorie was taken into by her soon to be love interest and later partner, Tom (Trevante Rhodes @Trevante). It seemed filled with mystery and a moody atmosphere. My first thought was that it was built in the late 1980s, due to all of the wood inside. I was surprised to discover it was built in 1909.

One is given the distinct impression Malorie is a strong person from the beginning and on into her time at this house. However, nothing I’ve ever witnessed in real life or in a movie could have prepared me for watching her navigate her way down the Smith River @SmithRiverCA blindfolded and with two small children; ward off a man (Happy Anderson) who was ‘infected’ mid–river while blindfolded or tromp through the Jedediah Smith & Henry Cowell Redwood State Parks blindfolded with with kids in tow. Their only goals were to stay alive and make it to “Rick” (Pruitt Taylor Vince) and the birds.

Oh, those birds!

Upon arrival Malorie with “Boy” (Julian Edwards) and “Girl” (Vivien Lyra Blair), at the Janet Tucker School for the Blind you are almost filled with a sense of accomplishment, as the kids get to do what Malorie thought would never happen – Boy and Girl were able to play with other children OUTSIDE, with no blindfolds and enjoy being children. However, the feeling of achievement is short lived when you realize this is the end of the movie. It’s rather abrupt and unexplained, which is a component of films and television that has long irritated viewers.

Wanting more, questions started reeling in my mind … “Is this happy ever after for them?” “Why didn’t they explain further?” “Could there be a sequel in the works?” “Will I ever be able to listen to a bird sweetly singing its song without my blood pressure rising?”

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