Robert De Niro’s Company Allegedly Suing Ex-V.P. For Theft, Binge-Watching Netflix , Etc…

Lawsuit alleges $6 million misappropriation of company funds

Robert De Niro

Hey – whachu doin’? Apparently livin’ high on the hog – and watching Netflix on a Hollywood icon’s dime according to a $6 million lawsuit Robert Dinero’s company has slapped on its own ex-VP. From what we can gather, the former bigwig loved watching Friends at work – over 50 episodes, in fact.

First, a bit from Variety:

Robert De Niro’s company has filed a $6 million lawsuit against a former employee, accusing her of embezzling money and binge-watching Netflix while on the job.

Canal Productions, De Niro’s loan-out company, also accuses Chase Robinson of racking up exorbitant hotel and restaurant charges and using millions of De Niro’s frequent flyer miles for her personal trips.

According to the suit, filed on Saturday in state court in New York, Robinson was hired as an assistant to De Niro in 2008. She was later promoted to “vice president of production and finance” at the loan-out company, and her 2019 salary was $300,000. She left the company in April, amid growing concerns about alleged “corporate sabotage,” the suit states.

The company says she rarely came into the office, and alleges she spent “astronomical amounts of time” watching Netflix during work hours. The company alleges that during a four-day period in January, she watched 55 episodes of “Friends.” On one of those days, she ordered lunch from Caviar San Francisco and had dinner at Paola’s Restaurant, charging both meals on the company card.

Given the irony surrounding Hollywood’s favorite gangster, social media is certainly abuzz. Oh – and the Friends fetish didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter, either.

Who doesn’t love Schitt’s Creek?

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