Robert Downey Jr Warns Fans Of Social Media Scam

Robert Downey Jr Warns Fans Of Social Media Scam

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr took to Facebook yesterday to alert fans of a potential social media scam involving his persona.

Via Daily Mail:

Robert Downey Jr has urged social media followers to be wary of online scam-artists masquerading as him in a bid to obtain money from unassuming fans.

The Hollywood star, 52, reached out via his approved Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon after being made aware of various fake accounts and money-making scams created in his name.

Affectionately referring to his fans as ‘Ducklings, Honey Bunnies, or otherwise’, he wrote: ‘It has come to my attention that one or more scam artists have taken to impersonating me online and asking some of you via private message or chat for ‘donations’ for various ’causes…’

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr

Fans took to the message and showed their support for the 52 year-old actor.

More from Daily Mail:

Exasperated Facebook follower Charina Russo wrote: ‘I’m glad this is being acknowledged. My messenger has been flooded with RDJ imposters for the past month.

‘What these idiots aren’t aware of is that one can click and peruse on the prof page to see that it’s fake. People like that seriously need real hobbies…..or Jesus. Just get some help.’

We couldn’t agree more.

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