Roll Red Roll: What Happened In Stuebenville

The case that rocked small town America

Roll Red Roll
Roll Red Roll

Roll Red Roll is now on Netflix and while some moments are hard to take, it is definitely worth your time. Director Nancy Schwartzman brings us a compelling documentary focusing on a rape case that not only rocked the small community of Steubenville, Ohio, but also stunned the nation.

Did a small Midwestern town attempt to cover up a horrific rape to protect a couple of hometown football stars?

For all intents and purposes, it was a normal Saturday night and just another normal house party where local students of Big Red High were hanging out and having a good time as teens do. But that would soon change. Almost overnight, Steubenville, Ohio would find themselves in the middle of the national spotlight – and the center of outrage for years to come.

What made this particular case stand out and trigger a fireball of outrage was the aftermath. The perpetrators and victim were teenagers – and so were the onlookers and witnesses. As as a result, pictures and video of the incident flew across social media like wildfire as did text messages, screenshots and the like.

A rape gone viral, you might say.

Sure, the folks of Steubenville and the student body of Big Red high school were quite proud of their football team. But just how proud? Proud enough to look the other way when two of its start players are involved in a rape and everyone knows it?

This case takes “boys will be boys” to an entire different level and is a must-see.

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