Roseanne Apologizes For Racist Tweet, Deletes Tweets, Dunks On Co-Stars

Roseanne Barr goes on another bizarre tirade


Just as we told you yesterday, Roseanne would likely be back on Twitter and boy is she ever.









In a series of tweets and now-deleted tweets, Barr apologizes for her racist tweet directed at former advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, claiming she thought she wasn’t black. Or something. She then implies she was on Ambien at the time. Then, decides Ambien wasn’t to blame and she takes full responsibility for her actions. Then brings up Ambien…again. Or something.

Is your head spinning yet? Ours is. But hey, stay with us here; remember that this is Roseanne Barr we’re talking about so bear with us for a minute while we sort out this fiasco. Below Barr claims she thought Jarrett was Saudi, Jewish and Persian.

She also appears to be shocked at some of her co-stars reactions, states that she was the driving force behind the show’s diversity. Here’s a look at some of deleted tweets as well as some that are still up that include reaction from fellow co-stars.

Michael Fishman (who played DJ in the series) issued the following statement.


Roseanne responds.

Sarah Gilbert (who played Darlene in the series) also chimed in with her own statement.
















Barr goes on to thank fans and supporters, also stating that she does not want anyone defending her and that she doesn’t want to see anyone boycotting ABC over this whole disaster.
















By the way, Ambian maker Sanofi chimed in just to reassure us that racism isn’t known a side effect of the medication. You really can’t make this stuff up.

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