The Bizarre & Mysterious Case of Mary Day

Disappearance of Mary Day
Mary Day and Family

It’s a strange case that’s been driving detectives and internet sleuths crazy for years, and tonight the world gets a peek into the mind-boggling case of a little girl gone missing – and then returns. Or did she?

It was 1981 Seaside, CA. when 13 yr. old Mary Day up and vanished into thin air from her family home.

Strangely enough, not one person – even her parents – reported her missing, authorities say. Now flash forward 20 some years later when her sister sister, Sherri Calgaro, finally reported her missing in 1994.

Let that sink in. Not until 1994 did anyone know she was missing – except the family. And that’s just the beginning of oddities that pepper this 40yr old case.

Mary and her stepfather William Houle. A detective said: 'William told me that he didn't kill Mary but that his wife told him he was possessed that night and that he had a demon inside of him'
Mary and stepfather William Houle

When authorities got wind of the case and began investigating, they immediately observed odd behavior on the mother’s part during questioning. At one point when asked about Mary’s stepfather, her mother stated that she doesn’t think her husband was responsible for Mary’s disappearance, but made the strange statement that she believes her husband “had a demon inside him” the night she disappeared. But she then changed gears and tried to play her daughter’s situation as a garden variety runaway case. Upon hearing the family’s odd statements, police decided that a search of the family property was warranted and cadaver dogs would turn up a little girls shoe. Given this, Detectives focused on stepfather William Houle and believed he may have murdered the little girl.

But then there was the wild twist no one would ever see coming – not even authorities. A woman in Arizona suddenly pops up, claiming to be Mary. The woman not only claimed to be Mary Day, but pictures of the young and current Mary Day show that the elder Mary is a dead ringer for the young Mary.

Oh, did we mention that she also passed a DNA test saying she was the real Mary? Some detectives now believe “Phoenix Mary” – who died in 2017 – was not the ‘real Mary’.

Was she an impostor?  48 hours will lay out the case tonight on CBS at 9PM CST. 

Here’s a teaser for tonight’s program.

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