The House That Jack Built To Debut This Fall

The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built - Source One Media

Many true crime and crime drama fans should be anticipating Lars Von Trier’s new film, The House That Jack Built, featuring Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman.

While it’s said that it won’t be for the faint of heart, as nearly 100 viewers walked out in protest during the initial screening at Cannes, the film looks to be a in interesting choice for fans of crime drama and is scheduled to be released by IFC in theaters this fall. Matt Dillon plays “Jack”, a serial killer, whose character considers his grisly acts as his own “artwork.” The story is presented from Jack’s point of view and has been heavily anticipated by fans.

Let’s take a look at the official trailer:

More from EW:

Lars von Trier is back with a bloody vengeance in the unsettling new NSFW trailer for his latest film The House That Jack Built.

Dropping just ahead of the film’s Monday evening world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, the preview teases a sinister plot hatched by the titular serial killer (played by Matt Dillon), who seemingly succumbs to a relentless impulse to kill — an urge that doesn’t discriminate against men, women, or children, judging by the clip.

His first victim appears to be Oscar-nominated actress Uma Thurman, who plays a woman seeking help when a vehicle malfunction leaves her stranded on the side of the road. “Oops. That was maybe a mistake, me getting in this car with you,” she says in the trailer, which is soundtracked by David Bowie’s iconic “Fame.” “You might as well be a serial killer. Sorry, but you do kind of look like one.” Her hunch proves to be correct when Jack kills her shortly thereafter, setting off a violent spree that claims multiple victims over the course of 12 years through 1970s America…Read full article here.

It was only this week viewers would get a peek at the new film while at the Cannes Film Festival. Director Lars von Trier made his return from being banned for 8 years from the festival due to controversial comments about Hitler.

Variety’s Ramin Setoodah was not one of those who walked and opted to stay until the end. He took to Twitter yesterday to voice his opinion on the film and others didn’t take long to weigh in.

He goes to describe the scene he feels that caused the exodus for many.

Even though some viewers snubbed the filmThe House That Jack Built received a six-minute long standing ovation from viewers who stayed to view the movie in its entirety.

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