Uh Oh! Finn Goes To The Slammer!

Finn goes to the big house


Poor Finn got himself in trouble a couple of weeks ago after causing a bit of a ruckus in his hometown of Kenora, Ontario.

It seems that the pup decided to take a detour when he was out on a walk with Dad. Reid Thompson and his girlfriend took the pooch on a walk and let him off of his leash, and that’s when Finn decided to let his hair down and go his own way. Apparently he caught a scent that he just couldn’t resist and took off, Thompson told Fox News. About a half hour later Mr. Thompson received a call from the fuzz to let him know that Finn had been having quite the dog adventure, but they did have him in custody.


“I was informed that Finn had been causing some chaos as he chased a deer along the road, through the hospital grounds and back onto the road. They tangled for a bit, up and over a guardrail and down onto the ice … eventually, the deer got away and Finn gave up the chase,” Thompson said.

When Reid’s daughter posted the incident on Twitter, poor Finn’s mugshot went viral and social media responded hilariously as they always do.

Let’s take a peek at what fellow tweeters had to say.

We agree, Louie.

Good point, Red.

Yep. Brenda knows what’s up.

Good point, John.

Good question, John!

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