VIDEO: Genius Raccoon Seed Thief Gets Hilariously Busted!

Raccoon gets busted

Raccoon - Pixabay
Raccoon - Pixabay

A couple of weeks ago a little raccoon had the internet’s full attention for days after scaling a Minnesota 25-story building, the UBS Plaza tower.

Quickly dubbed the “MPR raccoon” (Minnesota Public Radio) by a reporter at a neighboring building had the world’s attention hoping that she would make it to the top and she didn’t disappoint (.)


So, it’s fair to say that raccoons have a special charm about them that many can’t deny. As many know, us here at Popucrime absolutely love our little trash pandas and the rest of our furry friends.

Yesterday, tweeter Kurt Kohlstedt sent out this adorable tweet that quickly went viral for all of the right reasons.

This little critter reinforces the old saying, “where there is a will, there’s a way.”

And that is no understatement. Take a look and watch the raccoon own this bird-feeder, using great gymnastics and then unscrewing the bottom with her hind feet to score some dinner for the whole neighborhood.

After posting the video, Kohlstedt’s tweet went viral gaining thousands of tweets and likes.

Naturally, Twitter responded.

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