Watch: First Peek Of The New Halloween Movie Trailer

'Halloween’ Teasers (Video)

Laurie Strode - Universal
Laurie Strode - Universal

As we told you yesterday, the trailer for the latest installment of Halloween drops tomorrow and fans are very excited to say the least.

Today Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie Strode in the legendary film franchise, dropped a teaser of tomorrow’s trailer. To top it off? So did the official account for the new Halloween flick. Between the massive amount of likes and retweets, it’s fair to say that the legendary tale of Michael Myers and his sister Laurie Strode are still alive and well after all of these years.

Social media responds:

The official Twitter account for the heavily anticipated film also dropped fans a small peek:

With the releases of Matt Dillon’s new film (and already notorious) The House That Jack Built, to Matthew McConaughey’s newest, true crime-based White Boy Rick and the return of Jamie Lee Curtis in the latest of the Halloween franchise, it’s fair to say that Fall is looking great so far.

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