Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?

ID Network to feature Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic

Amy Mihaljevic-FBI
Amy Mihaljevic-FBI

It’s a question that remains until this day and one of Ohio’s hugest unsolved mysteries.

It was just like any other Friday in Bay Village, Ohio for Amy Mihaljevic in late October of 1989. After sitting through a ‘stranger danger’ class, the 10 year-old fifth grader took a stroll with a couple of friends and were headed to their local Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Why not? It was a Friday… and she was also promised $45.00 by a stranger to meet her there. The stranger, who called the family home, said he would give her the money for her mother. Her mother had recently just received a promotion by her employer. Amy was never seen alive again.

Tonight Investigation Discovery will focus on this case in a 3 hour special that will kick off their new series of The Lake Erie Murders.

Investigation Discovery gives us a quick breakdown of each episode.

Episode 1

In October 1989, 10 year old Amy Mihaljevic is lured to a suburban Ohio shopping mall by an unknown man–and is never seen again. A 30 year mystery and nationwide manhunt ensues–thousands of leads, hundreds of suspects, one killer still at large…

Episode 2

Amy’s killer remains at large. A cavalcade of suspects emerges, each more compelling than the last. Investigators explore each one. And then, 106 days after Amy was taken, a gruesome discovery some 50 miles away from her Bay Village home. A body.

Episode 3

Amy’s killer remains on the loose. The case goes nationwide. Margaret appears on Oprah. Anniversaries come and go. And then, finally, a confession. A man stands up in church in a neighboring town and declares: “I killed Amy Mihaljevic “

So, what do we have here? Just like they say – we’ll have to wait and find out.

The series begins at 8PM CST on Investigation Discovery.

Needless to say, ID Network fans are looking forward to the premiere – including true-crime journalist James Renner.

Good job, James!

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