Woman breaks into Boynton Beach PD, steals cop’s dinner, leaves wallet behind

Dumb Criminals

Yvelande Jean-Pierre - Mugshot

Rule number one: When committing a crime don’t leave your ID behind at the scene of the crime.

And as we say, Florida is the gift that keeps on giving. Boynton Beach Police Department arrested Yvelande Jean-Pierre, 29, on Wednesday for burglary after they found her wallet in the break-room of their substation.


That’s right. Jean-Pierre decided to break into their substation over the weekend, eat an agent’s chicken dinner – including a side of asparagus – and then go about her merry way. The problem? She left her wallet behind.

Needless to say the police didn’t have to break out a DNA kit or lift any fingerprints to find this genius. According to police video the chicken thief hung out for about 45 minutes before leaving.

You can also be sure that social media had a blast with this one. Let’s take a look.

One has to wonder what’s worse – being dumb enough to break into a POLICE STATION or…leaving your ID behind after doing so.

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